18 Asset Management is a group of professionals who take care of investments and pensions by first and foremost taking care of the client by helping them understand how their money is being invested.

This is the 2nd redesign of their website and includes subtle enhancements to their branding.

After reviewing the analytics on the original site we redesigned the menu items to display the more popular content first. It also delivers more content through quarterly financial reports that are both available to the public on the website and via email distributions as well as also publishing various timely articles such as white papers, publications and announcements.

The site has been updated to be fully responsive to all device types and sizes.

This site was launched in 2013.

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Team Page

Each team members thumbnail links to their full bio and contact information when clicked.

As new team members bio’s are added to the site this page dynamically updates displaying their image and generating the link to the relevant page.

Individual Bio’s

Each team member has their own dedicated bio page. Included in the layout are the team members:

  • Name
  • Credentials
  • Email link
  • LinkedIn link
  • Brief background
  • Quote from the team member

Articles Listing

Every quarter 18 Asset Management publish financial reports. This page displays teaser links to reports, both current and past in date descending order.

A specified number of four teasers are displayed per page representing the past four quarters of the year.

Full Article

Once a teaser link is clicked on the previous listing page the user is presented with the full article along with the ability to download a PDF version for them to keep.