The Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) website is part of the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists group. PLI is insurance that protects a professional from being held personally liable for damages resulting from a negligent act  arising out of the practice of that individual’s profession.

The website serves as a web presence and gives general information to users.

On a small budget and using small pieces of print collateral as a guide we were able to put together the design, build, content population and deliver all within a tight, aggressive deadline.

This site was launched in 2013.

Site is no longer available

Interior Landing Page

Displays a hero image at the top to enhance the designs look. The hero image reflects the section of the site the user is in.

Interior Basic Page

Similar layout to the “Landing Page” but without the hero image. At this point the user is already invested in the look of the site and is searching deeper into the section categories to gain additional information.