Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic already had an existing website that was built within the WordPress environment.  What Fowler required was to keep the site on this CMS platform but to give it an updated look/feel and enhance the experience for the user.

The site map was reviewed and altered were necessary along with most of the content.

The site was updated from a desktop only display into a responsive layout.

Finally, Fowler Kennedy were celebrating their 40 year anniversary. Their logo was adapted and updated to include and highlight 40 years.

This site was launched/updated in 2014.

Launch Website

Home Page

Rotating banner that can promote as many different areas of the clinic as required.

The main navigation areas that receive the majority of traffic are located in the familiar top header region where as the secondary menu which contains the more static content is located in the fat footer.

Contact Us

Fowler Kennedy has three locations within London, Ontario. Each location is represented by using Google maps and you can link to the full map if desired.

Interior Page

Standard familiar layout of sub navigation on the left, main content in the middle and common “Call to Actions” in the right column. This allows the user to navigate the site with ease without having to experience a learning curve.