LMS PROLINK is a Canadian owned premiere Insurance Broker helping to provide direct insurance for a wide array of associations.

This site was originally launched in 2014.

Launch Website

Home Page

The home page is made up of a combination of static and random testimonial feeds.

The company focuses in 6 insurance needs areas and this is represented by both imagery with teaser information, and custom icons.

In addition random client testimonials are fed into the footer area.

Find Your Association

LMS PROLINK has well over 100 Associations listed on their site. In order to help users find the right Association a advanced search box was added. From here the user can enter the full or part name of the Association and be served the results of the search below.

In addition to searching by name the ability to be able to search by profession was included as part of the advanced search. Now if the user does not want to search for a specific Association but would rather be presented with a list of names in a chosen field, for example dentistry, they are able to do so.

Association Pages

In addition to displaying general pages of content, LMS also wanted each Association to have their own identity within the site. Each Association has their own section on the site where they can display multiple pages of content and display their logo for branding purposes.