This personal website was created as a replacement for Diane’s initial site, www.ReclaimYourCastle.com. The site is based around Diane’s experiences in her past and her journey to reclaiming herself through holistic therapy. Now she has transferred her knowledge into a business in holistic therapy.

This site serves as a web presence where she can promote herself and have people find out about what she does and how she can help them.

The site was built using Flexbox and Bootstrap. This allowed for each page within the site to fill the whole screen real-estate available.

This site was launched in 2015.

Launch Website

Home Page

The main area of the home page was built using Flexbox to allow the main areas of navigation to fill all the available screen area.

Each page within the site has it’s own unique background colour. This colour is reflected when you scroll over the links to the pages.

Inner Pages

When in the inner pages the header containing the logo and main navigation is hidden behind the main content. Diane was confident the user doesn’t need to see her logo at all times. However when you place your curser near the top of the page the main content is pushed down to reveal the logo and main navigation.

As you can see, the colour of the main background area reflects the hover background colour in the main navigation.