Sanders Recreation & Fitness went through a full rebrand, starting with their name (originally Sanders Pro) which they felt didn’t identify the market they were in, to logo redesign and finally their new website.

The site is built in Drupal and it allows them to instantly add new products, update pricing, run promotions etc, which is something they were unable to do before.

The site functions very much like a traditional ecommerce site, minus the final online purchase. The final product detail page displays all the key information on the product as well as an image slider, the ability to add the product to a wish list and finally the ability to display additional recommended items that are associated with the product displayed.

This site was launched in 2013.

Launch Website

Product Categories

The categories landing page displays large descriptive images to help the customers decide which category they need to enter.

Products Listing

Traditional ecommerce layout where the page displays each product by a thumbnail, product name, price and where appropriate a sale price. Twelve items per page are displayed as this number divides well into a responsive layout.

Product Detail

Visual images displayed via a image slider. The content area provides all the necessary information about the product along with it’s price and the sale price if applicable. There is also the ability to add products to a wish list which can be emailed to Sanders directly with a message. Finally additional recommended products can be displayed and the base of the content area to help up sell to customers.

Wish List

Customers or dealers can add as many products as they desire to a wish list. The wish list allows customers or dealers to obtain additional information via email regarding the products they have added.