Originally redesigned and built in 2010 using Drupal as it’s CMS the St. Joseph’s Health Care London website has since continued to evolve. As well as general content pages the site also initially displayed:

  • Drupal implementation
  • Stories from both patients and the Hospital
  • Information on upcoming and past events
  • General news and updates

2012 – Brand refresh

2013 – Responsive layout and the Annual Report 2012-2013 (first time published fully online)

2014 – Annual Report 2013-2014 (second year running)

This site was originally launched in 2010.

Launch Website

Stories Listing

This page displays teaser links to stories, both from the hospital and patients. The same style of listing is used to display the Annual Report stories and Upcoming Events (with integrated calendar).

Full Story

Once a teaser link is clicked on the previous listing page the user is presented with the full story.

2013-2014 Annual Report Timeline

Visual representation of key events that happened throughout the 2013-2014 financial year. Events are displayed in date order and some link to an additional video or story.