London Transit Commission needed the provide a better user experience to their everyday travellers. They already had an integrated trip solution that used Google Maps to display the best options but they needed a new site to integrate this into.

In addition they needed to be able to post bus schedules that could be both downloaded as a PDF as well as viewed online. Their data showed that most users coming to this section of the site were using mobile devices so we had to develop tables that would respond well on smaller screens.

An additional audience was identified who would require information from the committee, including agendas, annual reports, business plans etc. After several interviews it was determined that this audience, while still important, would be secondary. This was due to them not requiring the information on a daily basis unlike users of the public service.

The results is this secondary content was moved to the footer navigation area so as not to confuse and overwhelm the everyday users with too many primary menu items.


  • London Transit Commission


  • 2018


  • TMD

Skills and Deliverables: 

  • UX
  • Sitemap
  • Style Guide
  • Creative Layouts
  • Website Development
  • Content Population Training


LTC sitemap

Website Development

LTC website home page
LTC website home page on mobile
LTC website schedule page on mobile
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Style Guide