The St. Joseph’s Health Care London site was a combination of both the Hospital and the Foundation joining together to deliver one site based on the feedback from stakeholder interviews, both internal and external.

Having the Foundation support the Hospital and vice versa allows for a cohesive experience for visitors both offline and online. This was a bold move by the St. Joseph’s team as typically Hospitals and Foundations are treated as different sites.

Now when a visitor comes to the site they are able to easily:

  • Way find their way to each location
  • Way find their way around each building
  • Get information to prepare for their visit, both as a patient or as a visitor
  • Learn about the research being undertaken
  • View and enrol to upcoming events
  • Give to the Foundation
  • Learn about fundraising priorities


  • St. Joseph’s Health Care London


  • 2020


  • TMD
  • Northern

Skills and Deliverables: 

  • UX
  • Discovery
  • Sitemap
  • Wireframes
  • Style Guide
  • Creative Layouts

Website Discovery

Front cover of the Discovery document
Persona page of the Discovery document
Experience scenario page of the Discovery document




Wireframe of the home page
Wireframe of the main menu
Wireframe of the event listing page
Wireframe of the event page
Wireframe of the about page

Website Development

Website home page
Website home page on mobile
Website events page on mobile
Website fundraising properties page on mobile

Style Guide